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  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker F6
  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker F6
  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker F6

Portable Bluetooth Speaker F6

Shock bass digital song-order one-button direct, FM wireless FM radio, F6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker has many advantages such as it has digital display screen, double speaker Bluetooth speaker, super-long playback, and it can plug in U disk, TF card, headphones, so that you can listen whenever you want. Support WeChat Alipay receiving voice broadcast function.

Product Description

F6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

1.Bluetooth Version: 4.2

2.Connection Range: > 20m 

3.Power Supply: Built-in 2600 mA Lithium Battery

4.Supports APP:Yes

5.Functions: Bluetooth, TFcard, voice prompt, call function, dust protection, one-click song digital 6.Display, USB disk, headset

7.Size: 173x59x63mm         

8.Play time: 10 hours

9.Connection mode: Bluetooth connection, 3.5 MM audio connection

10.Color: gold, rose gold, black

11.Weight: 700g 

12.Horn size: full-frequency internal magnetic horn * 2 + bass diaphragm

F6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker will provide you with the perfect listening experience.

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